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Introducing Appdrones

Building software has always been a difficult and error-prone activity. The examples of failed software development projects are numerous. A lot of progress has been made the last couple of years. Appdrones builds on this progress to provide businesses a better way to outsource application development. We believe that getting your application built can be easier.

A lot of progress

Al lot of progress has been made in the last couple of years:

  • The introduction of the agile movement has put focus on business value. Agile combined with Test Driver Development; Behavior Driven Development and outside-in development has helped software developers deliver the right software to their customers.
  • Specification by example, also known as executable specifications, has helped bridge the communication barrier between developers and customers. Using these developments, customers have better tools to describe the software they need.
  • Recent developments in continuous integration and continuous delivery helped IT to deliver the results faster and at a more constant quality.
  • Platforms as a Service (PaaS) has helped developers to put their application onto the web faster and easier.

No changes in business model

This has all been beneficial for IT professionals and in the end also to their customers. It only hasn’t changed the business model behind application development. Appdrones aims to do just that. Change the business model behind building an application. We make software easier.

How to achieve this?

To achieve this, Appdrones provides the business owner with the following tools: * A specification system to “harvest” the specifications behind his idea. * A market place to get help. Bon the market place he can find an analyst who can help refine the specifications; a designer who can design the pages; a developer who can build the application * The specifications are transformed into executable specifications, so during development every change by the developer leads to a test against the specification. Progress is instantly reported to the customer. * During development the business owner always has access to the last version the developer has commited to the version management system. * After the work is done, one push on is sufficient to deploy the application in production mode.

Next post I’ll tell you more about the integrated progress monitoring.